Muskego fans dress as gangsters

Muskego High School basketball fans are seen wearing “gangster” or “thug” attire during the March 3 game against Beloit Memorial High School. Parents of Beloit players say the fans not only dressed in an offensive manner, but made noises and comments with racial undertones.

MUSKEGO, Wis. — Several parents of Beloit basketball players went to the Muskego-Norway School District Board of Education meeting Monday to protest alleged racial activities during the March 3 game between Beloit and Muskego.

Tanya Karl said she and several other Beloit residents displayed signs outside the Bay Lane Elementary School where the school board was meeting and then went inside for the meeting. She said when one of the parents asked a question during the public comment period of the meeting, the school board members picked up their things and left without responding.