JANESVILLE—A Beloit man who was arrested after allegedly shooting a gun outside at a Beloit bar on June 28 now faces multiple charges stemming from the incident, according to a Rock County Circuit Court criminal complaint.

Devon J. Hereford, 22, was arrested by Beloit police a day after an investigation into a disturbance and a shots fired complaint at a bar in the 1300 block of Madison Road.

Hereford and another man allegedly entered the bar and got into an altercation with patrons at the bar before the incident spilled over into the bar parking lot. Witnesses interviewed by police identified Hereford as having been involved in the altercation and also firing the 9mm handgun into the air.

A man involved in the dust up said Hereford fired multiple shots into the air and then pointed the gun at him, the complaint said.

Hereford told police he fired the gun, but only in self defense to prevent a man who Hereford says was “charging” at him.

Hereford faces charges of first-degree recklessly endangering safety use of a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct use of a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor bail jumping. The misdemeanor bail jumping charge stems from a June 2 incident in which Hereford is charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property, both with domestic abuse modifiers, court records indicate.