1310 Strong Ave

The Community Development Authority (CDA) is poised to review the sale of a four bedroom home at 1310 Strong Ave. later this week. The home was previously owned by the city and was part of a program to transition homes from public housing to permanent home ownership.

BELOIT—A plan nearly a decade in the making to upgrade nine single-family homes owned by the Beloit Housing Authority (BHA) could take a step forward this week as the Community Development Authority (CDA) is expected to meet to review the sale of a property in the 1300 block of Strong Avenue.

The Community Development Authority did not have a quorum of members on Tuesday to hold their scheduled meeting and Strategic Communications Director Sarah Millard said the authority could meet later this week to discuss the potential sale of a four-bedroom home at 1310 Strong Avenue.

In 2011, the housing authority received federal approval to remove nine four-bedroom single family homes from its public housing portfolio as part of a tax credit redevelopment plan to update and replace aging public housing stock in the city.

The nine properties were replaced by town homes adjacent to the Beloit Housing Authority offices on Fifth Street, according to BHA Director Clint Cole, but the sales didn’t come right away and the city transitioned the homes back to public housing.

The properties were given a temporary Section 8 designation “until the housing market improved,” Cole said.

“It wasn’t intended that the project-based program would be long-term, as HUD gave the BHA permission to ultimately sell the units,” Cole added. “The sale is positive for the BHA, the home buyers, and the City of Beloit.”

Four of the nine properties have been sold, with an offer accepted on the fifth.

Cole said the shortage of specific types of single-family housing in Beloit make the properties a hot commodity in the city.

“Realtors have mentioned that there is currently a shortage of available four-bedroom units in Beloit,” Cole said.

There are no income restrictions associated with the sale of the city-owned properties, but the city stipulates the properties be owner-occupied for at least five years.