Snow plow

A snow plow clears a street in the City of Beloit in this Beloit Daily News file photo.

BELOIT — Snow emergencies were declared Sunday afternoon in both the city and town of Beloit, as Stateline Area public works crews prepared for additional snowfall. 

In the city, a snow emergency was set from 3 p.m. on Sunday until 3 p.m. on Monday. 

The township declared its own snow emergency from 6 p.m. on Sunday through 11 a.m. on Monday.

Per the snow emergencies, residents were reminded to move their vehicles off the streets. 

According to a news release, authorities in the City of Beloit were to be checking for ordinance violations and would tow vehicles at the owner's expense or issue tickets.  

City officials also reminded residents to remove garbage bins and recycling carts from their streets. 

“Beloit snow removal crew members rely on local residents to move the vehicles so they can clear snow from all streets during bigger snow events,” said Laura Pigatti Williamson, Beloit's Director of Public Works. “Our plow drivers work all day and all night to keep our community’s roads safe for travel — please help them out by moving your vehicle during the snow emergency.”

The following locations are designated for emergency parking:

  • ∙ Krueger Park Upper (Hackett Street at House Street): East Lot
  • ∙ Krueger Golf Course (1611 Hackett St.): South Lot
  • ∙ Wootton Park (4th Street at Maple Avenue): Entire Lot
  • ∙ Rotary Center (1220 Riverside Drive): Between Designated Signs
  • ∙ Jones Pavilion at Riverside Park (access via Portland Avenue): Entire Lot
  • ∙ Heritage View Parking Lot at 627 Pleasant: Between Designated Signs
  • ∙ Third Street (South Lot): West Side of Lot Along Fourth St.
  • ∙ Third Street (North Lot): North End of Lot Between Designated Signs
  • ∙ Ironworks (Fourth Street): Center Area Between Designated Signs
  • ∙ West Grand Avenue Lot (229 W. Grand Ave.): Center Area Between Designated Signs
  • ∙ Telfer Park (2100 Cranston Road): South East Area Between Designated Signs

City officials also encouraged residents to stay home unless necessary, and to travel the roads with caution.