Looking southeast towards the ABC Supply Stadium project from the overlook at Bluff Street, construction workers place large cement pieces that will make up the seating area for the state-of-the-art stadium. Construction is expected to be complete this summer, with the Beloit Snappers to relocate to the facility in July or August.

BELOIT — As winter construction on the brand new baseball stadium in downtown Beloit has wrapped up, contractors are planning for a fall 2021 opening date—in time for the second half of the season.

Corporate Contractors Inc. and its team are continuing work on ABC Supply Stadium, which will become home to the soon-to-be-renamed Beloit Snappers, a High-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins.

“We are so proud of the progress the build team made over the winter,” Mark Hartwig, CCI project manager, said in a statement. “The tireless hours of work that they put in over these last few months will ensure that dedicated Beloit Snappers fans will get to watch their team in action later this season.”

Bevara Electrical has assisted with installing underground equipment. Area Erectors put up various structures at the stadium two weeks ahead of schedule. Lewis Concrete has contributed significant masonry and concrete work.

Looking forward, the construction team has shifted to the next phase of bringing the new stadium to fruition.

Upcoming construction work over the next several weeks will include:

  • Laying down veneer brick
  • Pouring material and painting the parking lots
  • Assembling the scoreboard structure
  • Completing concrete flatwork and finishing sidewalks
  • Installing cabinetry and drywall inside the stadium
  • Building out the overhead doors

“The stadium is going to be a fantastic addition to the local community,” Hartwig said. “Having a new baseball stadium built to major league standards will be a significant asset for Beloit and the surrounding areas.”

John Gackstetter, a representative on behalf of the Riverbend Stadium Authority, said stadium construction is roughly 85% complete.

The target completion date is July 23, with intent to begin hosting baseball games shortly thereafter.

“May is a big month coming up for us, but to date the main concourse structure is complete and interior buildout and finishes are commencing,” Gackstetter said. “We only have a couple months left to finish it up.”

Concrete pouring is largely finished by now, and masonry work is almost all done, along with work on the center field entrance and maintenance facilities.

This week, the giant light poles will be erected. By the middle of May, the seats will arrive for installation, Gackstetter said. Field netting will also be put up soon.

Once complete, the stadium will be able to accommodate about 2,500 people for fixed seating at baseball games, with a maximum capacity of 3,500 for other events such as concerts in the future.

“It’s really going to take shape. By the end of May, there’s not going to be any confusion about that being a baseball stadium. It’s going to look the part,” Gackstetter said.

Gackstetter said the brand new stadium is a major asset for all of Beloit as it will encourage local spending and draw many visitors to the area.

“It’s a fantastic and exciting public amenity, not only for baseball but other sporting events and cultural, community events and concerts. There’s an opportunity for additional jobs,” Gackstetter said.

He added that as COVID-19 vaccinations continue to be administered, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for an eventual end to the pandemic, and the new stadium offers additional hope for the future of Beloit.

“This new venue will contribute to the already growing vibrancy of downtown Beloit,” Gackstetter said. “It speaks a lot to beloit and what a galvanized community it is. It’s been a fabulous collaboration between all of these passionate and interested stakeholders in Beloit.”