The new website for the Beloit Daily News is up and running, and it’s a significant improvement in appearance and ease of use.

During the soft roll-out for the new site the Beloit Daily News temporarily disabled pay functions, allowing visitors full access to view and become accustomed to the site.

Today at noon pay requirements are again activated. Visitors will have three free views of content, as before, and then will be asked to subscribe to access more stories.

As before, current all-access subscribers to the Beloit Daily News will have full use of the website and digital content at no additional charge. However, because the new site uses different technologies, all current and new users will need to either create a new log-in or register as a new user.

Here’s how it works. Once three free views are used, visitors will be presented with a message to access the pay functions, where they will create an account. Current subscribers will need their phone number to find their accounts.

Users will receive confirmation emails that give them 24 hours to access and click their activation links. If activation is not completed within 24 hours, users will have to start the process over.

If a technical problem occurs with sign-up, visitors may call 608-365-8811 for assistance.

“We realize there’s some inconvenience for current subscribers, because they need to create a new sign-in,” General Manager Todd Colling said. “Change always requires some effort. We assure readers, though, this change is taking place so we can present a better, more comprehensive and user-friendly website with the most up-to-date technologies. We thank our loyal readers for their patience and continued faith in our product.”