BELOIT—The Beloit School District Board of Education is moving forward with the search for a permanent superintendent despite the resignation of board President Kyle Larsen on Tuesday night, according to board Vice President Megan Miller.

During Tuesday’s long meeting which went into the early hours of Wednesday morning, Larsen emailed board members that he was resigning immediately. The Daily News had also received a tip he had walked off during the meeting.

Larsen has repeatedly declined comment regarding his resignation.

Miller was not attending the meeting in person, but confirmed getting the resignation email from him.

“To be a board president during a pandemic is very difficult, and I can completely understand and appreciate he reached his limits and had to step away. I want to thank Kyle for his leadership this year. I want to recognize he steered us through the turbulence of transitioning from interim superintendent to interim superintendent and helped bring in stability to our district,” Miller said.

Miller said she will maintain her role as vice president and act as president until officer elections are scheduled within the next week or two. Miller said she was meeting with the board secretary to select a date.

“The earliest we could meet in open session would be Tuesday, Jan. 19,” Miller said.

When the board conducts its officer elections, it’s also going to decide whether or not it will appoint a board member to fill the vacant spot as it’s so close to the election.

Miller said the board is still doing first round interviews Wednesday and Thursday with six superintendent candidates.

On Jan. 19, Miller said the board will go into closed session to deliberate and choose the final three candidates. On Jan. 21, the board is meeting in closed session to talk more about background and reference checks. The board is supposed to do final round interviews on Jan. 28.

“I want to assure the community that the board is resilient like our district, and we are going to do the important work we were tasked to do,” Miller said.