Kolak Center

The Kolak Education Center is the home to School District of Beloit administration. The Board of Education will meet tonight but has postponed the vote on school reopening until March 1.

BELOIT — The Beloit School District postponed its vote at Tuesday’s board meeting on whether to reopen school after Superintendent Dan Keyser had to respond to a family emergency.

The rest of the 7 p.m. meeting at Kolak Education Center commenced as scheduled, with the reopening vote rescheduled for Monday, March 1, said Board President Megan Miller.

When the Daily News asked why the vote couldn’t go on without Keyser, Miller issued the following statement:

“Early this afternoon we received the unfortunate news that Dr. Keyer’s family is experiencing an emergency health situation. We regret to have to postpone such an important action item to Monday, March 1 at 7 p.m. Fortunately, we will still have plenty of time to make the accommodations necessary should the Board vote to reopen schools for Term 4. The board wishes Dr. Keyser and his family the best at this difficult time and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we move forward. Board members and Dr. Keyser decided it would be best to wait until Dr. Keyser was available to deliver the presentation and answer any questions or concerns that may arise before making a decision. We look forward to his return next week so we can take action on Monday regarding the reopening of schools.”

The board had been planning to vote on Tuesday on whether to return to a hybrid model of in-person learning for term 4 in early April. In July, the school board voted to have virtual/distance learning for the first quarter of the 2020-21 school year, later extended to Jan. 22.

Under the current proposed reopening model, students would be split into two groups—A group A coming to school in the first half of week, with Wednesday being reserved as a professional development day, and group B coming in the second half of the week. Kids remaining in distance learning could participate in classroom instruction from home.

Effective Feb. 22, Beloit School District teachers’ children enrolled in the district in grades kindergarten through six were allowed to be in the classrooms with them, an accommodation available until March 31. Staff’s children are participating in distance learning with their assigned teachers, and there is no in-person instruction for the children, Keyser said in a Monday email.

Keyser added there were small groups of students attending in-person learning at this time.