BELOIT— The Downtown Beloit Association’s Fall Wine Walk attracted many festive participants wearing everything from wineglass sunglasses to “Hocus Pocus” crocs. Armed with stemless glasses they got their sippin’ on at local businesses on Saturday afternoon.

Downtown Beloit Association (DBA) Executive Director Shauna El-Amin said 390 people already had purchased tickets shortly after the event began at 2 p.m. There was capacity for up to 450 sippers.

General registration included a commemorative wineglass and 2-ounce sips at 10 venues. Sixteen businesses participated and many volunteers stepped up to help as part of a mission to boost local business.

“Our volunteers are amazing,” El-Amin said of the festively dressed helpers including a bumblebee complete with stinger and sassy T-shirt.

After attendees registered at the DBA offices which offered the Downtown Chillin Bone Group band and a photo booth, they set off to the streets.

The pleasant fall weather also seemed to attract wine aficionados.

“We got super lucky. There’s never been over 80 degree days at the wine walks in October,” El-Amin said.

Most of the crowd appeared to be female, although there were a few sipping males.

Branda LaBuy and her friend JeannieAnn Parma said they come to every wine walk. It all started with some “Hocus Pocus” themed croc’s Parma started wearing. She then purchased LaBuy a “Hocus Pocus” T-shirt and their costumes were born. On Saturday they were wearing sparkly witch hats and other bling.

“This is just our thing,” LaBuy said. “It’s always fun to visit and spend a day in downtown Beloit.”

Teenie Ertz, Michele Tschudy, Jackie Cavey and Julie Meske said they also attend the wine walks, both in Beloit and Janesville. They had brought a very enthusiastic Paula Hayes along with them who was attending the wine walk for the very first time. She had gotten the day off of work for the big occasion.

Some of the ladies were wearing wineglass sunglasses Ertz got at a Galena wine walk which drew many compliments and second glances. The ladies said it was a great weather day and a nice way to spend time with friends.

The DBA has a fall and spring wine walk which always attracts a hearty crowd as wine sippers get to see all the offerings at local businesses when they stop for a sip. May businesses offer sales and discounts for the special day.

The DBA is planning for the rest of its 2021 events including the Halloween parade and party, Winter Farmers Market, Grand Lighted Parade and Holidazzle.

The DBA will have its Halloween parade from 9 a.m.—noon on Oct. 30, coinciding with the last outdoor Beloit Farmers Market of the season.