(From left) Locals Gerardo Sanchez and Jesus Soriano are opening Lux Cuts, 444 E. Grand Ave. on Tuesday. The barbershop offers the most modern cuts with the full vintage barbershop experience.

BELOIT—Locals Gerardo Sanchez and Jesus Soriano are opening Lux Cuts, 444 E. Grand Ave., on Tuesday at 11 a.m. for men wanting a hip and luxurious barbershop experience. The new business will offer haircuts, beard trims, hot towel shaves and more.

Sanchez and Soriano have a long love of cutting hair.

Sanchez, a 2011 Beloit Memorial High School graduate, is the son of Maria and Jose Sanchez.

After graduation from First Class Cosmetology School in Beloit, he worked at Eclipse Beauty Salon on Riverside Drive and at Tino’s Hair for seven years. He said he loves seeing people leave happier than when they arrived.

“Most of the time they come in because they need a haircut, and sometimes they want to talk. It’s like counseling, but more affordable. It’s nice to help people out,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez got his start working on his eight nephews’ hair.

“My sister would pay for my cut if I would take them to the barbershop. I asked if it was OK if I cut their hair and she paid me. I started practicing on them,” Sanchez said.

Soriano, who graduated from Hononegah High School in 2010, is the son of Jesus and Maria Soriano. He started cutting hair at age 14. His family had moved to Roscoe from Chicago and Soriano was without his favorite barber.

“My cousin and I started messing each other up. We couldn’t drive so we couldn’t go see our barber, and we started practicing with each other,” he said.

Pretty soon word spread and Soriano was cutting the football and basketball players’ hair at Hononegah.

“It snowballed,” he said.

Soriano later graduated from the former Regency Beauty Institute in Rockford and went on to work at Tino’s Hair with Sanchez.

The two always dreamed of having their own business and were thrilled to get a spot in Beloit’s downtown.

“We figured it was the perfect spot. We liked the aesthetic here, and we wanted to become part of it,” Sanchez said.

The two said barbershops are becoming more popular, especially with haircuts shown on social media. Many boys and men want to mimic the cuts worn by their sports idols and other celebrities.

“We get a lot of pictures of their favorite athletes or stars,” Sanchez said.

The most popular cuts right now, the two said, are comb overs and mullets.

“The mullets are coming back. I did two mullets this morning,” Soriano said.

They also are seeking a luxury feel which Sanchez and Soriano are eager to provide. Their new chairs are set out in a modern looking facility with a bit of a vintage feel. They will be adding TVs soon which will broadcast sports.

They will be bringing on two additional barbers to help as well. Hours will be Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m.—7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to the end of business.