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Hillary Gavan/Beloit Daily News Pam Pearson and Steve Cassell are running The Cup of Charis ministry out of the Overflowing Cup on Saturday mornings.

BELOIT - Sometimes believers need a little help too.

That's one of the messages pastors Pam Pearson and Steve Cassell are spreading through their new ministry, called Cup of Charis, in Beloit. Charis (pronounced "Karis") is the Greek word for "grace."

Pearson and Cassell promote a message that those who are "born again" already have peace, love, joy and healing provided through Christ and have to learn how to exercise enough faith to receive it.

A Cup of Charis is designed to help the faithful, the confused, the unchurched and any other seeker reach salvation in a non-formal and comfortable environment. The new ministry is open at 10 a.m. on Saturdays with socializing until 11 a.m. and the showing of a 20-minute video based on the teachers of Andrew Wommack. It's housed within another Ministry, the Overflowing Cup, at 1175 S. Madison Road.

The founder is Pam and her husband Jim Pearson, who live in Rockford, but are planning a move to Beloit. They work with Steve Cassell, a pastor with the Beloved Church in Lena, Illinois. Cassell said his church is non-denominational and evangelical with contemporary music and a strong emphasis on fellowship.

He and Pam Pearson say they have a message of hope to spread, as evidenced by the change in their lives and others they have helped.

Pearson lived in the Chicago suburbs working as an administrative assistant for several companies. Although she was a believer, she was still struggling with depression, illness and the aftermath of a messy divorce.

"Depression, illness, divorce, I've been there, done that and got that T-shirt," Pam Pearson said.

She would listen to different Christian teachings and ministers but found a lot of it conflicting. She compared all the different messages she was taking in to someone adding a bit of different soda from all the dispensers until it was quite a strange concoction. She said discovering Wommack's teachings helped clarify what she believes is the true Gospel message.

Today, she is healthy, happy and at peace with her ex-husband and feels she knows how to discern the various Christian teachings she hears.

Pearson said she's learned to forgive and live in peace with her fellow man, something those in the Stateline Area and beyond need more of.

Cassell said he believes the average person lives very unfilled, contrary to God's purpose for them.

"We've been taught by God what is real and fulfilling and have a passion to share those truths," Cassell said. "God's not sick, depressed, broke, confused or oppressed."

Cassell said sometimes Christians even miss out on God's promises, living their lives similarly to those without faith. He said heavenly realities are promised to the Christian in his or her earthly life.

"We were created for a purpose," Cassell said.

For more information people can contact Pam and Jim Pearson at

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