'Republican support for pre-existing'

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Do you remember the empty promises of Obamacare of lower premiums, keeping your coverage, and keeping your doctor?

Well liberals are at it again. The ads you see on TV are wrong.

Every Republican on your ballot on November 6th fully supports coverage for pre-existing conditions. To say otherwise is not true.

Governor Walker's plan covers pre-existing conditions and estimates are it will lower the premium rate by not less than 4% in January 2019. That plan is supported by every Republican on your ballot.

Attorney General Brad Schimel sued the federal government, the courts agreed, and recovered over $89 million of tax payer money from the fed for improper charges for Obamacare. It has nothing to do with the premiums you pay or coverage. Brad recovered what was owed to Wisconsinites.

The State Assembly has passed a health care bill that includes coverage for pre-existing conditions. Our Republican led legislature cares about every Wisconsinite. Amy Loudenbeck, Tyler August, and Cody Horlacher, all support coverage.

Leah Vukmir and Steve Nass have said repeatedly they support coverage of pre-existing conditions; while Tomah Tammy gave us Obamacare and neglected drug abuse in the VA.

Bryan Steil is not a liar, has never been arrested, and supports coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Every Republican on your November 6th ballot supports coverage for pre-existing conditions! They have been working hard for everyone in Wisconsin and they are deserving of our votes on November 6th.

Chris Goebel


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