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Beloit-area voters are encouraged to participate in the Spring Primary to be held February 20, 2018. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the City of Beloit. There will be two polling locations available - Central Christian Church on the East Side, and the Beloit Historical Society on the West Side for the City of Beloit voters. In other areas of southern Rock County, voters should check with their local township or the county clerk.

The Beloit School Board has five candidates running in the nonpartisan primary which will eliminate one candidate for the General Elections ballot on April 3rd. Therefore, there will be four final candidates running for two places on the Beloit School Board on the April 3rd election ballot.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice has three candidates running in the nonpartisan primary for two places on the April 3rd ballot.

Why should you vote in a non-partisan primary?

Primary elections allow us (we, the people) the opportunity to play a larger role in the selection of individuals to represent our interests. Nonpartisan election laws allow candidates to run under their own names. They do not represent political parties.

Voting is one of the surest ways for citizens to establish influence over elected officials. Because politicians are concerned primarily with the most vocal elements of their constituencies, groups of people who do not vote tend to receive less attention and lose power to affect public policy that agrees with their own private interest.

Voting gives each person the opportunity to express an opinion on a matter and directly impact who is elected. Not voting allows the choices and opinions of others to impact our lives.

Get out and vote on February 20, 2018.

Bette Carr, President

League of Women Voters


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