Tremendous asset to Greater Beloit

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Beloit Health System has been forward looking and successful in a difficult era.

THIS PAST WEEKEND the Beloit Health System marked the 50th anniversary of what was known for many years as the city's "new" hospital.

To say, a half century ago, it was an audacious undertaking is a considerable understatement. Local leaders made a decision that a growing community needed a state-of-the-art medical facility and the entire community got behind the effort, including with their dollars. The result stands just off Prairie Avenue, where continuing improvements make the 50-year-old hospital still seem "new" year after year.

The evolution of the system has been extraordinary, meeting regional needs and providing exceptional care to patients close to home.

THAT'S A FEAT of note in an era when many community hospitals across America have been under significant financial stress, to the point where some have closed and others have been acquired by regional and national interests.

Over that time Beloit Health System has managed not only to work through challenges but to grow and thrive by offering ever-expanding services and care. The best known example probably is the NorthPointe campus in Roscoe, with a multitude of options ranging from medical care to fitness facilities to managed residential alternatives.

The cancer care center in the Milwaukee Road corridor filled an important need, by allowing patients quality treatment options without being forced to travel extensive distances.

The heart center at the main hospital brought services to Beloit never previously offered, saving lives and adding enormous conveniences for patients and families.

There are others, but these examples illustrate the forward thinking that has made Beloit Health System a thriving asset for the community.

THAT'S IMPORTANT, too, as the Beloit area continues to improve itself and evolve for the 21st Century. A community looking to attract more businesses and more residents has to be able to offer a complete complement of services and amenities, and that certainly includes quality healthcare options.

The list of people who have helped Beloit maintain such quality is too long to mention, but certainly includes donors and board members and administrators like current CEO Tim McKevett and his immediate predecessor Greg Britton, men who helmed the system for decades. A long succession of outstanding physicians, nurses, technicians and staff deserve credit. And so, in our view, do the tens of thousands of loyal consumers who have taken their business to the system, in order for system staff to earn their trust.

The hospital and the entire Beloit Health System are tremendous assets to the community and the region. It's fitting that an anniversary like a 50-year mark draws attention but, in reality, the system earns its recognition every day. Well done, to all involved.

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