BELOIT—Karina Cerros and Nettie Schoville, students at Beloit Memorial High School, will serve as youth board of directors for the FACT Movement, Wisconsin’s youth tobacco prevention program.

Cerros and Schoville were selected for the role based on their leadership skills and commitment to spreading the truth about tobacco.

FACT was founded in 2001 and is comprised of nearly 30 groups of teens throughout the state. The youth-driven movement, with members in grades 7-12, work together to conduct school and community-based advocacy initiatives regarding teen tobacoo use.

Cerros and Schoville will serve at least a one-year term providing overall leadership, guidance and feedback to FACT.

“I am excited to serve on the FACT Youth Board of Directors, to help lead my peers and continue to spread the truth about tobacco,” said Cerros. “If more teens learn the truth about tobacco’s deadly effects, then more lives can be saved.”

Schoville added, “Each year, over four thousand teens become new daily smokers in Wisconsin—I hope my work with the FACT Board will help my peers learn the facts so they don’t become one of those numbers.”