Moms Day

(From left): Aaron Bartz, Dee Klein, Bryan Jordan and Aly Jordan.

There is a light that will never go out

These are a few words about an incredible Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Grandma and Great-Great Grandma by the name of Delores Sue Jordan-Klein.

My Mother was like no other and I’d like to share how much she meant to me and her granddaughter Alyssa. My Mother passed away on November 30, 2019. This is not an obituary. No; they are too depressing and don’t provide enough paper to list the hundreds of people my Mother loved and impacted in her lifetime. This is my admiration and appreciation for my Mother.

I was born on Mother’s Day and because of that my Mother and I shared a special bond. She always reminded me how the nurse brought me to her with a rose after I was born.

My father passed away when I was 11 years old and my Mother raised me and my sister on Campbell St. in Neenah. My Mom overcame many adversities and obstacles in her lifetime, but she always pushed on with a smile and determination. From the heartbreak of my Father’s death, through my rebellious teenage years, my enlistment in the Army, to the birth of my daughter, my Mother was by my side. Always in my corner. I recall one day in the Army it just hit me like a brick. I called my Mother and said, “I am so sorry for all the ‘expletive’ I put you through. You should have left me by the side of the road.” My Mom laughed and said, “You found your way Bry. just keep it up.” She also said I owed her for the many boxes of hair dye I caused her to purchase to cover up the gray hairs I gave her. Little did she know there were more to come. I should have bought stock in Loreal.

Not until you’re a parent yourself, do you begin to realize and appreciate all the sacrifices, unwavering love and support parents provide. My Mom worked at McDonalds after my Dad died just to keep some income flowing to provide for her kids. She was no spring chicken. In fact, she was the oldest employee. We didn’t have much growing up on Campbell St. in Neenah but what we did have was love. Love that I took with me and instilled in my daughter. Just as someday she’ll carry my Mom’s love on to her daughter. Life is short, live now. Don’t wait for someday as tomorrow could be too late. Pick up your phone and call your Mom and tell her you love her.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!! I’m missing you and thinking about the great memories we made together.

Your son,