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Usually with every good, there's a bad. Or if you are more of an optimist, with every bad, there's a good. Sunday was a lot of bad for Chicago, but I'm determined to look more at the good side of moments whenever I can. In fact, let's try to look at the good in all aspects of our lives.

Bad: The Bears embarrassed themselves against the Packers on Sunday. John Fox challenged away a potential touchdown and the Packers' domination over Chicago continues.

Good: Well, John Fox is going to get fired now. That's good! OK, I'm not celebrating a man losing his job. I'm not. But clearly he is not the man to lead this beleaguered franchise out of the dumps. Their offense is more predictable than what I'll do when I drive by a Taco Bell. Or what I'll do 90 minutes later.

If that loss leads to a new, offensive-minded head coach in Chicago, then that game will be worth it. If the Bears hire Marc Trestman 2.0, then I'll be very, very grumpy.

Bad: It's getting colder out, which means snow, which means freezing temperatures, which means Rob no go outside anymore.

Good: CHRISTMAS MUSIC, BA-BAYYY!!!! Yes, that's right, I'm already playing Christmas music. Wanna fight about it? Didn't think so. And since I'm not coaching basketball this year (another good...with no bad attached) I'll have way more time to sit inside, in the warmth, and listen to Christmas music. I can see your faces and jealousy makes you all ugly. ALEXA! PLAY ME ALL THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC. VOLUME 11!

Bad: The Badgers are still outside the top 4 in the college football playoff.

Good: The Badgers are still outside the top 4 in the college football playoff! I mean, I can't be the only person who is a little scared of the Badgers getting smoked by Alabama on national TV. Michigan will be a challenge on Saturday, but I think the Badgers win (assuming Hornibrook only throws like one pick six instead of four).

They will row their boat over Minnesota and have a great shot against Ohio State in the title game. But man, I am not excited (and very scared) for the Badgers to get smoked in the playoffs and wasting three hours when I could have been doing something far more productive, like looking up the best offensive coordinators in the NFL to see who the Bears will hire next year.

Bad: I miscounted my mystery opponent last week and we tied, so I was only up 1.

Double bad: I was bested by one this week, so we are now tied again. I think. I honestly don't remember. Math is hard.

• Tennessee at Pittsburgh: Without a mobile Mariota, the Titans are a pretty lackluster offense. The Steelers are still playing fairly well and usually play well at home. By the way, how the heck did the Bears beat the Steelers? How?! STEELERS 30, TITANS 20.

• Detroit at Chicago: Run, run, pass. Run, run, pass. Run, run, pass. Notice a pattern? So has every defensive coordinator in the league. Man the Bears had a putrid offense. And I'm not even blaming it on the weapons now -- just the playcaller. Thankfully Fox probably got him fired, too. LIONS 28, BEARS 17.

• Jacksonville at Cleveland: The Browns may not have a chance to win until they play the Bears. JAGUARS 28, BROWNS 10.

• Baltimore at Green Bay: While Hundley played much better in Chicago, I think the Ravens have a pretty legit defense. He won't have Kyle Fuller to pick on there, and I don't think the offense moves as well. I'm not sure this is an upset, but I think the Packers struggle again in Baltimore. RAVENS 24, PACKERS 14.

• Tampa Bay at Miami: The Bucs are still without Jameis, but the Dolphins are still with Jay. It's a toss-up, really, but I'll give the Dolphins one more shot before totally abandoning ship like I should have done a month ago. DOLPHINS 23, BUCS 20.

• LA Rams at Minnesota: The Vikings seem to get their players in the best position to succeed every week. The Rams are doing the same, but something about this game just feels like a Vikings win. Might be the fact that I haven't watched a Rams game all season, but don't blame me. I canceled my cable and can only illegally watch one game on my computer at a time.

• Washington at New Orleans: When do we start talking about the Saints and the Super Bowl? Honestly seems like we should start doing it right now -- which means the Saints should start losing any moment after that. However, just not this moment. SAINTS 27, WASHINGTON 17.

• Kansas City at New York Giants: The Giants are in a race to get a new QB and that race apparently involves being terrible all season long. They are almost winning the race, but nobody out-Browns the Browns. This is known. CHIEFS 30, GIANTS 17.

• Arizona at Houston: The Texans are a very different team without Watson at QB. While I don't think the Cardinals are all that good, I'm giving them a benefit of the doubt for reasons I really cannot figure out. CARDINALS 21, TEXANS 17.

• Buffalo at LA Chargers: I learned that the Bills are benching Tyrod Taylor for Nate Peterman this week. I also learned that I'm picking the Chargers to win this week. And yes, those two pieces of information are directly related. CHARGERS 26, BILLS 14.

• Cincinnati at Denver: Until I see the Broncos have good play, I won't believe the Broncos will ever have good QB play. Their defense has gotten older (and quickly) and when you couple that with an inability to score, it makes it harder to win games. BENGALS 27, BRONCOS 20.

• New England at Oakland: The Patriots seem to have found their groove again, which is not good for the rest of the league. The Raiders are still searching for their groove, which is not a good sign for the Raiders this week. PATRIOTS 30, RAIDERS 18.

• Philadelphia at Dallas: The Cowboys, without Zeke, apparently aren't very good. While I think running backs are a dime-a-dozen sometimes, a good one clearly has some value. The Eagles, meanwhile, just keep throwing up points. Look what an offensive-minded head coach can do for a good, young quarterback. Shocking, I tell you! Shocking! EAGLES 30, COWBOYS 20.

• Atlanta at Seattle: Are the Falcons back? Are the Seahawks still here? Is anyone still reading? I still don't buy the Falcons resurgence, so I'll go with the home team to be safe. SEAHAWKS 23, FALCONS 21.

• Mystery Partner: Steelers, Jaguars, Dolphins, Saints, Texans, Broncos, Eagles, Lions, Packers, Vikings, Chiefs, Chargers, Patriots, Falcons.

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