'Congress, enact control of guns'

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As a concerned citizen I'm seeking answers to why three or more agencies couldn't use all the information they had on this shooter who killed all these students and others in the Florida school.

Number one, the FBI, number two, mental health agencies, number three, school authorities, and number four, the police.

They had all the information that obviously pertained to this shooter and his past behavioral history.

Next I want and expect answers as to how an underage person could buy the assault weapon or any other guns?

Was the gun dealer a legal business and did they require legal proof of identification and age when they sold these weapons to him? Did they have current license? Or did someone else help him?

It's been stated the folks who gave the shooter a home after his mother died knew he had all these weapons when he moved in. They bought a gun cabinet with a lock and the owner had the only key and kept it. Obviously the shooter was able to enter the cabinet somehow and you know the rest of the story.

Another guilty party was the home owner where the shooter lived. The combination of all this resulted in something that should have never happened.

Congress needs to address the serious problem of gun control. The ability to buy these assault weapons has to be changed.

The NRA also needs to get involved. We don't want under our Constitution and the right to bear arms to lose these rights but we need stronger gun controls. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Marie Wolownik


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