'Will's wild pitch at Rev. Graham'

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This past weekend's edition of the BDN included a column from nationally syndicated columnist George Will, who is also perhaps America's number one baseball fan.

Last week's untimely besmirching George Will too hastily pitched to a grieving American public less than one week after the Reverend Dr. Billy Graham's timely death (he had been languishing for years) bespeaks the real foul lines transgressed in the American public. They are not political. They are in showing simple courtesy.

At least Job's friends were silent for a full 7 days until they lobbed similarly misguided and erroneous balls in the dirt to an already reeling righteous man.

Like King David, Graham was a man of immense influence who straddled priestly and political boundaries; often poorly. But both are considered blameless in God's eyes because both genuinely repented when confronted with their waywardness.

Graham sought to be right with God and live as biblically as he could. In today's cultural voracity, Graham's international, multi-million dollar organization continues to reflect the highest standards of financial integrity, which is as refreshing as it is miraculous.

Dizzily, Will suggests Graham's popularity intimates he was no prophet even though the prophet Daniel was known throughout the Babylonian Empire and honored by godless despots (as undevout as William Randolph Hearst mind you).

And then Will clumsily claims that Graham was no theologian. Well.

Graham lacked any desire, or need, for pedantic obfuscations that glorify himself. His primary concern was God's glory alone and to tell the entire world that their sins could be forgiven by trusting in Jesus.

There's a time and a place for detached appraisals of great men's lives, but a people intent on living courteously with each other will at least wait until the dead are buried before throwing wild pitches.

E-1, Mr. Will, E-1.

Pastor Tim Johnson

Rock Valley Chapel


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