'Stop accusing President Trump'

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Let's see, what else can these Democrats accuse President Trump of. They soon will run out of ideas and nonsense.

They lost the election and still don't get it. One thing after another to try to discredit Trump. Our economy is on the roll and better than the previous past presidents, Bush or Obama, and they won't give Trump's agenda a chance.

Congress is stagnant. Both sides are too busy just being the same old politicians to get anything done.

Some 24 politicians are about to retire from their service. Let's replace them with intelligent, loyal people who are serious legislators and get our country back on track.

President Trump at times doesn't always choose the right words and is known to be a bit crude but his agenda is to "Make America Great Again." Remember Truman, he could have been guilty of the same.

The bogus TV and newspapers are not reporting true facts. They and some disgruntled politicians and authors of books to discriminate our President Trump's behavior is to assume we believe them. Not so.

It's also sad the black and white issues have once again come alive with all the ridiculous statements and trying to divide and distort the progress we all have strived to overcome in the past.

We aren't black, white, brown or yellow. We're all Americans, one and all. Let's act like it.

Differences of opinions may be discussed in a civil manner. Think before you speak and respect one another.

Also, whether female, male or the new category transgender, our views matter and we may express our rights of free speech but don't abuse it.

Marie Wolownik


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