'Tobacco products hit a new low'

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We know that teachers are used to dealing with disruptions in the classroom on a daily basis. Things like passing notes, using cell phones, talking out of turn, etc. Unfortunately now, there is an additional burden for teachers to carry, and it's because of a new e-cigarette product called "JUUL".

These products are small in size and resemble a USB flash drive. They can be charged in a computer just like a flash drive, so students could be using these vaping devices in the classroom without a teacher even noticing. Because of the product being so small, it makes it easy to use discreetly.

JUUL comes in flavors like cool mint, fruit medley, and even crème bruule. Using flavors like these has been a successful strategy in getting youth to use this new product. The department of health services in Wisconsin has noted that at least 80% of youth trying tobacco products for the first time, are choosing these fruity flavored products. That is an alarming statistic.

The state has recently launched a new campaign called, Tobacco Is Changing, to raise awareness of how candy flavors and deceptive packaging are successfully luring kids into a lifetime of addiction. Locally Youth 2 Youth 4 Change has been taking steps to raise education and bring awareness to this growing trend in our local communities.

You can learn more about the Tobacco Is Changing Campaign and local tobacco prevention efforts at Tobaccoischanging.com.

Robin Stuht

Beloit School District

Homeless Liason

Youth2Youth 4 Change

Coalition Chair


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