'This is the real inconvenient truth'

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Last Weekend's opinion piece by Nancy Raabe helps explain why Christianity is so divided. She asserted that an inconvenient truth plagues "white evangelicals" because they advance a conservative political agenda in the name of Christianity.

How a church leader could so casually and uncharitably lump a group of people together with both racial and stereotypical overtones is breathtaking, divisive and merits a response..fifteen yard penalty for unnecessary roughness!

Never mind that not all evangelicals voted for Donald Trump or support his agenda. Influential evangelical leaders like Al Mohler and Russell Moore argued long before the 2016 presidential election that Americans would be wise to vote for a third party candidate in light of two awful choices.

An inconvenient truth is that Raabe hypocritically achieves what she preaches against. It's not difficult to discern her liberal political agenda while quoting Scripture attempting to conceal it.

How else can you explain defining half the Gospel of Jesus by selectively appealing to the gentler elements of the Gospel without mentioning that God sent Jesus to die on the cross as a substitutionary atonement for our sins?

Sin is the enemy, Pastor, not "white evangelicals." Sin is the inconvenient truth people don't want to hear, and we should work together to preach it.

How else can you explain Raabe's historical distortion asserting that Martin Luther's "great epiphany was that the essence of God is compassion"?

This Tuesday marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which was kindled after Martin Luther read Romans 1:17 and was awestruck by the truth that those who trust in Jesus actually receive Jesus' righteousness. Luther declared himself "born again" and found peace knowing that through faith alone, Jesus' righteousness would protect sinners like him from God's just judgment.

True peace comes from understanding an undistorted Gospel. Sola Fide!

Tim Johnson, Pastor

Rock Valley Chapel


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