"How would Trump perform in war?'

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The prisoner exchange for Bowe Bergdahl is big news.

His country and his family are overjoyed to have a son, and an American prisoner of war, returning to his home. However, there are angry voices decrying this action.

How many of the loud complainers have witnessed the evil and carnage of the front lines. "War is hell!"

Bergdahl, a young, naive and patriotic American volunteered for military service. Many such young and sensitive men are psychologically affected by experiencing the actual consequences of being in a war zone. We have only hearsay, and not a true understanding of his mental state at the time of his capture. The time was right for this prisoner swap.

Our knowledge of the five Taliban detainees is also primarily based upon hearsay. We don't know the state of their minds after years of imprisonment in this notorious facility.

If they have been treated humanely according to the Geneva Conventions of War for POWs, their views of the United States may well have been softened. But, if they have suffered breaches of the rules through abuse and torture, they may well wish to retaliate.

Let's put aside our negative responses and be a part of the Americans who welcome and help heal Bowe Bergdahl, and all of our military men back with open arms.

I wrote these words a year or so ago. Now I hear vitriolic words from President Trump condemning this young man. I wonder how well our president would have done had he been on the front line after witnessing the butchery and slaughter around him.

I doubt that our "thoughtful, kind-hearted and benevolent" leader would have lasted long in active combat.

Jane DeSoto


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