It's a new low for US politics

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Never has it been clearer: At stake is the character of the country.

THERE IT WAS, last weekend: President Trump tweeting out support for accused child molester Roy Moore, who is seeking a Senate seat from Alabama, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, on a Sunday talk show, trying to throw a lifeline to accused predator and longtime Congressman John Conyers.

Meanwhile, a long list of rich and famous private sector men have been accused of bad behavior toward women and, one by one, their employers quite quickly cut them loose.

Only the willfully blind can miss that message: There is a double standard. In the political world the calculus turns not on moral considerations of right versus wrong, but rather on how vote tallies and partisan power might be impacted.

WAKE UP, FOLKS. On bright neon display is the morals-bending behavior most people instinctively come to know governs modern politics, in which partisanship outweighs everything else. What is a career-killer in the private sector may be a mere speed bump in politics.

Which is preferable: A molester or a Democrat?

Which is preferable: A geriatric predator or a "safe" seat in play?

Seriously. That's how they think.

WE STILL BELIEVE the United States is the best nation on Earth, populated by freedom-loving good people.

We also believe all of that increasingly is in jeopardy because the wrong people with the wrong motives have captured the two political parties and the government. These two parties are, together, an existential menace to America, dead set on making sure voters have no other choices. What we are seeing now is a new low. Nevertheless, believe it, this can go even lower unless citizens rebel long and loud and in mass numbers.

Remember: Extreme partisanship is only about who calls the shots and who gets the spoils.

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