On Moore, power trumps character

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The closer election day comes, the looser the interpretation of right and wrong.

IT IS A STUNNING turn of events, as the national Republican Party cast caution to the wind and embraced accused juvenile sex predator Roy Moore for the Alabama U.S. Senate race.

For awhile, it looked like Republicans would do the right thing. President Trump tiptoed around the issue. He didn't quite abandon Moore, but neither did he endorse him.

Prominent congressional Republicans - notably, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan - said they believed the women accusing Moore and urged him to step aside. McConnell even said the Senate might refuse to seat Moore if Alabamans elected him despite the sordid accusations. Meanwhile, National Republican organizations pulled the money out from under Moore, sending a clear message of disapproval and non-support.

THAT'S OVER. Trump gave Moore his full endorsement on Monday. On Sunday talk shows McConnell said he was fine with leaving the choice to Alabama voters. And the Republican national organizations are pouring money in again to help elect Moore.

What changed?

Did some reputable official investigation clear Moore of all allegations? To the contrary, even more women have come forth with evidence against Moore.

So, again, what changed?

WE DON'T KNOW for sure, but we have a guess. The tax cut bill passed the U.S. Senate by the razor-thin margin of 51-49. Losing the Alabama seat currently held by a Republican to the Democrat candidate could blow up any semblance of a reliable Republican governing majority in the Senate.

So, the answer to the question - What's better? A Democrat or a predator? - apparently has been answered. Hugs all around for the predator.

Why? Did McConnell and others suddenly conclude the women they previously believed are lying? Did national Republicans feel guilty for shutting off the money spigot? Or could it be that power matters more to them than character?

This is disgusting.

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