‘Dr. Pierre Charles, amazing surgeon’

The Beloit Health system will begin 2017 without one of their greatest surgeons.

I’m speaking about Dr. Pierre Charles. He will be truly missed.

He was an amazing surgeon that represented the Beloit Health System. Compassionate and dedicated to his patients. He was the type of doctor that would sit in the room with the patient and families drawing and explaining about the type of surgery that he’s planning on performing.

He made sure everyone that was in the room would understand what will be going on in surgery. He loved his patients.

And he will be deeply missed but not forgotten.

It will be hard to find someone to replace Dr. Charles. With that note I want to wish Dr. Charles the best of luck on his new journey. Blessing to the next hospital, that doesn’t know how lucky they are to have him.

Erica Collins

South Beloit

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