‘Be gracious and respectful’

I thought I had no need to write about the past presidential election and the results. The Democrats have tried just about everything to stop the election of President-elect Donald Trump but have failed in every attempt. Shame.

Perhaps the Democrats need to start to distance themselves from the Clintons and Obamas if they want to again be loyal and proud Democrats.

Friday, Dec. 24, was a black Friday in the United Nations. The U.S. abstained from supporting Israel’s Netanyahu in the resolution to permit them from using the land to house their people that was given to them in the 1960s. This President Obama supported to abstain in the vote.

Then on public television our former First Lady made this statement about the election: “There is no hope for our future.” I respected her as our First Lady before, but after this statement I can no longer support her. “Hope is all we have.”

She and President Obama have decided to remain and live in the D.C. area because of their children’s school locations and not have to relocate.

Perhaps they could offer the olive branch to the coming new administration of Donald Trump. The future will tell.

As President and First Lady they will have to appear from time to time and I hope they can be gracious and respectful to once again be a proud nation and united to overcome what is ahead in our troubled world.

We as proud Americans have to set an example and become involved in helping to overcome petty problems not becoming to our United States of America.

Marie Wolownik


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