Psychics to present Mystic Fest in Beloit

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Some people who care to assist the emotionally distressed and grieving become psychologists.

Others become counselors or doctors.

And yet, there are the others who become psychics.

Jonna Carlson, of Beloit, and four of her friends devote part of their time working as psychics to help people overcome past problems and develop emotional security. They will bring their work to Beloit to host Mystic Fest at the Fairfield Inn on Aug. 13.

The psychics plan to practice their specialties in clairvoyance and recover messages from lost loved ones from objects they once possessed at the festival's message gallery.

Mystic Fest, which will be organized by Carlon's company, Third Eye, will include vendors selling jewelry, stones, and crystals. There will also be aura photography and ironic footbaths.

Carlson decided Beloit was overdue for a psychic festival. She attends festivals around Wisconsin and performs talks on local radio stations. She even teaches her own classes on being psychic out of her home.

She focuses in psychometry, the process of giving information based off a person's belongings.

The turning point of her interest in being a psychic developed when she lost a child ten years ago. From there, she became devoted to helping those who were going through similar experiences.

“The experience enlightened me to help people who are grieving, Carlson said. “It was terrible, but enlightening.

Carlson said her practices are not completely spiritually based, but are founded in science. She said the names and dates she comes up with when she does readings are all scientific, including the magnetic field it all comes from.

But Carlson doesn't aim to convert skeptics who denounce her science. She said they are entitled to their opinions. She understands how skeptics believe the way they do, however.

Carlson isn't in it for the cash, though.

“If it's about money, I'll do this for free, Carlson said. “I'm not a fly-by-night person. I know what it does for people to have others' help.

She added that she would not go public if she didn't believe in what she was doing.

Carlson does not claim perfection in her ability to deliver messages, but she is confident that she does well. Her clients confirm her success in helping others.

“I have only seen good things in this, she said. “It makes people feel good.

Cathy Stevens is one of Carlson's clients.

Stevens said Carlson accurately told the story of her brother who died when he was 19. She told Stevens of the accident he died in and how old he would be today.

“It was chilling for me, especially when she said his name, James, Stevens recalled.

Carlson also warned that Stevens' husband, who is a painter, would be in danger over the summer. When one of his scaffolds broke months later, she saw it as a sign that Carlson's prophecy had come true.

Karen Clark, one of the other psychics who will be at Mystic Fest, aims to open up possibilities for people to gain control of their future. She said her readings are accurate most of the time, but are subject to change once her clients are conscious of what might happen to them.

Clark, who is from Mount Horeb, Wis., specializes in palm reading and telling people what comes to her mind. Like Carlson, she does her part-time work as a psychic to help others.

“I like to help as much as possible, Clark said. “A lot of the times, I don't ask for pay. I'm there to help.

When choosing a fair to work at, Clark makes sure the psychics have ethical practices. She wants to help people find answers rather than have their soul cleansed for $500 by a fake.

“Money is not my purpose, she said. “If you're looking for answers, then come out.

Carlson plans for Mystic Fest to occur every eight weeks at different locations in town. She hopes to continue what she calls her spiritual journey.

“If you can do anything that enriches the soul, then that's good, Carlson said. “If you can help people with grief and hard times, that's also good.

Cost to enter the fair will be $3. To use the message gallery, personal readings will cost $20 per person.

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