Rockford psychic makes 2014 predictions

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Rockford-based psychic astrologer Denise Guzzardo sees 2014 as a year of losses, but also one of new opportunity for personal growth and development.

The Stateline Area will continue to see improvements, and despite difficulties over the past few years, positive change is expected; possibly in the form of a new company and job creation.

“We really have nowhere to go from here but up,” Guzzardo said. “There is a healing process that is in the works, and I think change will come around September.”

Guzzardo says 2013 was a year of bumps and miscommunication due to astrological phenomenon with the planet Mercury, but it seems 2014 will slowly bring change.

“I think the beginning of the year will be bumpy, but more on a higher government and corporate level where there is going to be backlash and some real shakeups,” she said.

Recently Guzzardo gave the Beloit Daily News some of her predictions for the coming year. Some are of a more serious nature, while others, including celebrity happenings, are just for fun.


Guzzardo sees 2014 as a year for restructuring among those at the top of corporate and government infrastructure.

She believes that “underhanded elements” will be exposed.

“The people who shouldn’t be in the position of power will be asked or forced to step down, and that causes a rippling effect that will gain momentum,” she said.

Guzzardo believes the rippling effect will help working-class individuals increase productivity and become very successful over the next two years.

International Events

When asked about conflicts in Syria, South Sudan and rising tensions with North Korea, Guzzardo had the following to say about possible international events in 2014:

“Where my heart is and where the truth lies are two different things…it does look like there is going to be a disruption that aligns,” Guzzardo says.

She added, “It’s going to look quite scary, but it’s going to be nipped in the bud quite quickly.”

She expects the conflict or event to occur in the summertime.

Natural Disasters

It appears to Guzzardo that 2014 may be a year of earthquakes.

“The earth will shake this year and in unexpected locations,” she said.


Guzzardo believes that both the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will have strong seasons next year, and are great contenders for the Super Bowl.

“The Packers are going to start out rough because of injuries, but they’re going to turn around and come in pretty strong,” she said. “The Bears are going to have a really good year.”

Another royal baby for Willam and Kate?

Not this year, Guzzardo says, but William and Kate’s relationship remains strong, and their next child will be a girl.

Celebrity news

Miley Cyrus will once again make headlines in 2014, but not for her dance moves. Guzzardo expects that the pop sensation will come into legal complications with another icon, and it will be costly.

As for Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson: “I think he’s spooked right now and as much as the family stands behind him, there’s private communication where they want to maintain this show,” Guzzardo said. “I think he’ll lie low, but he’s going to screw up again on another politically-incorrect topic in the springtime.”

Overall, Guzzardo anticipates that 2014 will be challenging, but also give opportunity for the release of those who have been challenged with pain and suffering.

People looking to gain economic stability or physical strength will also have a good year, and those seeking self-improvement will have a strong foundation to start with.

She says it also seems that people will also better understand the concept of ‘paying it forward.’

“It’s a really good year to take advantage of 2014,” Guzzardo said. “People will be able to go within and reconstruct themselves emotionally and physically because the power in the universe will provide a strong foundation for that.”

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