Beloit Daily News - Saturday, January 20, 2001

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Stateline Area Whispers

Support from people with influence is always an asset when any United Way runs its annual campaign, but how many communities can boast having had a president of the United States run a campaign?

United Way of Midland (Texas) was able to make that boast on its Web site, while its former campaign chairman, George W. Bush, was being sworn in as the 43rd president of the United States.

As the 1981-82 Chariman, G.W. raised 104 percent of the goal, or $1,407,000, while wife Laura, was pregnant with Jenna and Barbara.

Midland banker and board president at the time, Bill Franklin, said, “George was very energetic and enthusiastic in his approach to the campaign. He talked personally to many employee groups.”

Perhaps it was G.W.'s philosophy that helped make his campaign successful. Other sources in Midland have been quoted as saying, “George never did anything unless it was going to be fun. He really enjoyed everything he did. There was an infectious nature to his projects, and good things happened. But George would always say, `If it's not fun, let's not do it.”'

Looks like everybody's got a story about the Bush family … Here's one tracing Beloit College's history to the Bush family tree.

According to Beloit College archivist Fred Burwell, the ties between Beloit and the new president's family go back more than 150 years. Burwell drew on research by the late Beloit College historian Robert Irrmann to find the links with the Bush family.

The ties were brought to the college's attention almost 20 years ago with a letter from a family descendant, Christopher Walker of Hamden, Conn. Walker was trying to assemble historical background and raised questions regarding David Davis Walker of Bloomington, Ill. He said D.D. Walker was the grandfather of the former President George Herbert Walker Bush's mother.

While D.D. Walker did not earn a degree at Beloit College, he did attend the Beloit College Academy.

“Secondary education was so varied from region to region that the college had an academy to see that students wanted to matriculate in the college were suitably prepared,” Irrmann wrote in a letter to Christopher Walker.

The register for the Beloit College preparatory department and academy documented that David D. Walker of Bloomington, Ill., attended the academy for two years, in 1854 and 1855. He was in the “normal English” section of the program.

Walker is assumed to be the grandson of Judge David Davis, a supporter of and financial adviser to Beloit College and its first president, Aaron Lucius Chapin, and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Beloit College in 1863. Judge Davis also had a son, George P. Davis, Class of 1864.

Never was there a luckier Bingo card than the one Nancy Lochowicz had last year.

Nancy, on a cruise with some friends, ended her losing streak when she bought one bingo card for the last game. The prize for that winning card? Another cruise.

Nancy and her husband, Rick, depart for their cruise to the Caymen Islands and Jamaica next week, getting a chance to escape the cold Wisconsin weather. Rick, a captain with the Beloit Fire Department, said the two of them have never taken a vacation all by themselves, and they're looking forward to getting some sun and relaxation.

We wonder if they'll take a chance on Bingo again?

The Daily News is doing its part to keep scrapbooking easy for one family. In Monday's paper, the Horizons page featured both Rotary Students of the Week and a Girl of the Month, honored by the Beloit Federation of Women.

We were informed that Adam Oakes, a Rotary honoree and Jennifer Davis, the honoree from the Women's Group are cousins.

We hope that makes clipping the paper that much easier.

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